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Human Interest's bundled 401(k) solution for financial advisors:


We are a modern, online 401(k) and 403(b) provider that automates the manual administration involved in a defined-contribution plan so you and your clients can focus on bigger goals.


Partnering with Human Interest

Partnering with Human Interest


We proudly work alongside advisors to help you meet their clients’ retirement planning needs. We use technology to streamline and simplify the process for the advisor, the plan sponsor, and the plan participants all while keeping costs low.


Financial Advisors who partner with us appreciate the personalized support from our account management team. We oversee the entire setup process for new plans and conversion plans. We automate the manual, administrative side so you can focus on more value-add initiatives for the plan.

Why us?

Human Interest provides you and your clients with everything you need to run small plans:


Technology and automation remove the manual work in plan administration. Our customers love that we offer a “no-touch” integration with HCM providers.


A platform that is easy to set up and use — for both you and your clients. Our customers are getting closer to their retirement dreams: we achieve an 70%+ participation rate, which is higher than the industry average.

Access to funds

An open architecture platform where you and your clients can choose custom-tailored portfolios and access to over 30,000 mutual funds and index funds on the market.


A price that’s both transparent and affordable. Human Interest offers a bundled small-plan 401(k) and 403(b) solution at a low cost.


An advisor portal, through which you can monitor and prepare for plan reviews. As the plan advisor, we understand that it is critical for you to access plan reports at your fingertips.

Get a Free Benchmarking Report


Human Interest provides Financial Advisors a free benchmarking report. By providing us a 408(b)(2) notice, we can compare your total fee (provider fees + investment expenses) to what you could save with Human Interest.


Partnering with Human Interest


Please contact us at to start a conversation with National Accounts.

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