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Human Interest’s 401(k) Solution For HCM Partners


Offer a 401(k) solution to your clients without having to build an all-in-one solution


Human Interest’s 401(k) and 403(b) plans are designed for the needs of small and medium-sized companies. We automate and simplify a 401(k), making it easier for employers to offer a plan and for employees to save.


Partnering with Human Interest


Human Interest offers dedicated partner resources at a local and corporate level designed to help you build a more profitable business. Our unique approach to partnerships will help your team to offer a differentiated HCM solution to your prospects and strengthen your existing client relationships by providing a seamlessly integrated payroll-401(k) solution.

Why us?

Human Interest provides you and your clients with everything you need to run small plans:


We leverage technology and HCM partners, like you, to offer “No Touch” integrations that automate all the manual work needed to manage a 401(k) program (e.g., payroll journal, personnel updates, payroll deductions, year-end census). Your clients won’t have to worry about any of it, and we even prepare audit packages and interface with auditors on their behalf.


Companies that work with us have a high level of employee participation (70%+) due to our focus on ease-of-use and financial wellness education.

Unbiased investment advice

Employees may receive investment advice with personalized features and recommendations from an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser* who acts as a fiduciary. We believe in flexibility, so your clients have the option to choose and manage their own funds or work with their financial advisor too.

Access to Funds

An open architecture platform, where your clients can choose custom-tailored portfolios with access to over 30,000 mutual funds and index funds on the market.


Extensive reporting capabilities enable employers to analyze their plan and take actions where appropriate.


A price that’s both transparent and affordable. Human Interest offers a bundled 401(k) and 403(b) solution at a low cost to small and medium-sized businesses.

Ready to Partner With Human Interest?

Please contact us at to start a conversation with National Accounts.

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